to everyone for a great season!

Thanks to everyone for another great ball hockey season!  And a special thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the end-of-year survey!

Here is a summary of the general highlights that came from the survey from both divisions (East and West House League):

Players ….

  • Enjoy playing in the league;
  • Want to see continuous improvements to the officiating;
  • Would recommend the league to their friends;
  • Would like to see better balancing of the teams;
  • Would like clarification around the rules for “picking up players/subs” and communicating these so they are understood by all;
  • Want better communication/management of ensuring that there are goalies for each game.

There was some specific feedback in the WEST division around improving our league as follows:

  • Longer season
  • Changing up our year-end celebration

All of the feedback in the survey results is very important as the Executive uses this to identify key items to focus on for the coming season.

The Executive has already met (November 2nd) to review the results and action planning is now in progress.   There will be updates posted here in the new year – please come back to find out more!


The following Executive positions are open for the coming season:

  • Vice-President
  • Statistician (WEST House League)
  • Convenor (EAST House League)

Anyone interested in helping out with the Executive or volunteering for some specific opportunities – or if you would like more information about how you can get involved – please contact Beth at or Judy at



Our web site will be updated as soon as details for next season are available. Please check back often – and stay up-to-date on the latest details for next season.


The TWBHA is in the news

Here is the story our very own Azmi sisters!  Please have a read of this great Toronto Star article: